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Planner Redemption:
- Clients can redeem the planner from October onwards in store or via shipping (clients will handle freight fee).

- Planner includes Buffed Nail Lounge and Ethos Day Spa vouchers worth Php 1800+


About BDJ


Featuring a stunning cover that captures the essence of anticipation and excitement, the Belle de Jour Power Planner showcases a Bella looking forward to the future. The vibrant sun symbolizes the radiant energy of power and ownership, blessing your life with confidence and determination. Each time you hold this planner, you'll feel inspired and motivated to take charge of your destiny.

Each monthly divider is adorned with a healing crystal that would inspire your month with themes to take on your goals. With the help of journaling and planning, you will form a habit of discovering millions of possibilities, empowering your dreams, and making them happen!


  • Aumnipages, your all-in-one planning and journaling system. Our newest design for our 2024 Planners. Taking inspiration from the concept of multitasking, Aumni Pages seamlessly merges planning and notetaking into a single, versatile tool.
  • The very essence of Aumnipages draws from the Universal sound AUM, also known as Om, representing the "Ultimate Reality" in Hindu philosophy. Additionally, the Latin prefix "omni" meaning all, or in all ways, further enhances the encompassing nature of this exceptional planner.
  • With Aumnipages, you no longer have to switch between different mediums. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, cohesive system.



  • Aumnipages design
  • Choose between Dated or Undated Calendars and Weekly Spreads
  • 53 Weekly Spreads in vertical layout ​
  • 12 Monthly Dividers ​
  • 12 Monthly Calendars ​with scannable QR codes to access
  • EXCLUSIVE mobile and desktop wallpapers and monthly motivational how-to-use videos ​
  • 60 Coupons from over 54 brands in the Perks of a Bella booklet

Special Page Sections that help you through:​

  • Vision Setting​
  • Journaling Prompts​
  • Planning Guide​
  • Goal Setting​

Note: 2024 Pre-orders will be processed by October 2023

Preorder: 30% off on Buffed x Belle De Jour Planner

₱899.00 Regular Price
₱629.30Sale Price
  • Cover:

    • Outer Cover: Cardstock wrapped in Artpaper​
    • 14.95 x 21.1 cm
    • Has 2 pockets, 1 ribbon marker, 1 extra garter inside​

    Inside Pages

    • Cover: 300gsm matte laminated full color 
    • Planner 168 pages
    • Notebook 24 pages
    • 14.75 x 20.9 cm
    • 100GSM fountain pen and watercolor friendly, bleed proof and FSC certified paper​​
    • Perks of a Bella booklet​


  • You need this if

    • In 2024, you desire a journal that uplifts and motivates you. ​
    • You aspire to embark on a journey that commences with tranquility. ​
    • Your aim is to delve inward, forging a connection with your inner voice and aspirations. ​
    • You long to have unwavering faith in your dreams and intentions as they progressively gain clarity and strength. ​
    • You courageously acknowledge the abundant support that envelops you. ​
    • This year, you yearn for a profound exploration and expression of your true self, defining who you are. ​
    • You seek enhanced clarity, bolder declarations, and a more exquisitely lived existence.


    Benefits of using Aumnipages design:

    • By combining planning and notetaking in one cover, Aumnipages eliminates the need to buy two separate tools, saving you both money and space. It's a smart investment that delivers ultimate value.
    • Embrace a seamless workflow that enhances your productivity and focus.
    • Empowerment to Take Action: Aumnipages is not just about dreaming; it's about taking tangible steps towards achieving your goals. Our planner empowers you to transform your dreams into actionable plans, propelling you towards success and fulfillment. 
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