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To cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must email us at or send an SMS to +63945 370 3815 twelve (12) hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid being charged in full. This policy applies across the board whether booked in person, on the phone, via email or online through our website. For any reason if there is a missed appointment, more than 15 minutes late, downgrade in service, you will still be responsible for the full-service fee of your originally scheduled appointment. Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services they need.


We kindly ask to please bring your own flip flops to wear out of the nail lounge. In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint as a small business, we no longer carry disposable slippers at any of our locations.


In the event your nails chip within one day after your service (one week for gel polish), please email us with a photo to and we will offer you a complimentary touch-up on the affected nails only. 

When making any appointments or before your service, please let us know if you are pregnant, have any health conditions, ingrown toenails, special needs (e.g. allergies or injuries). This will help customize your service to ensure the highest satisfaction and benefits.


We suggest that you leave your valuables (i.e. jewelry) at home. Buffed Nail Lounge cannot be responsible for damaged personal valuables during services and will not be liable for lost or stolen personal items or valuables. Also please check to make sure that no belongings are left behind.


It's not just about beauty, it's about care. And not only it is about caring for you, but caring for you the safe and healthy way - the right way.

From using only non-toxic products, partnering with like-minded brands to looking after the welfare of our nail technicians, we provide 360° care through and through.


We uphold the highest standards of hygiene at Buffed Nail Lounge. Metal tools, after each use, are thoroughly scrubbed with hot water and antibacterial soap to make sure there are no particles left on the tools, then we immerse our tools in hospital-grade disinfectant for 10 minutes then completely dried and sealed in a sterilization pouch. The sterilization pouches are then stored in a sterilizing oven. For our manicure bowls, pedicure bowls, and foot baths, we scrub them down with antibacterial soap and hot water to remove all particles or debris, then we immerse the pedicure bowl in hospital-grade disinfectant for 10 minutes.  


To honor our quiet spa-like atmosphere, as well as the relaxation of other guests, we ask to please use quiet voices in the salon. 

We have the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. This includes but limited to the usage of drugs, alcohol, sexual comments/remarks or any behavior that we feel is inappropriate. We follow strict code of ethics. It is very important that a safe environment is maintained for ourselves and each of of our clients.


Buffed Nail Lounge is a pet-friendly establishment and welcomes WELL-BEHAVED PETS. All pets in the premises must be fully vaccinated and must be potty trained. Owners should be responsible to watch over their own pets. However, they are not allowed to sit on the couch or pillows for hygienic purposes. Clients who may be allergic to our furry friends may be seated on the 2nd floor of the lounge.

Thank you all again for understanding and your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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